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Sumitomo Real Estate Sales' Lease Management System We also offer the after-purchase support such as finding tenants and performing lease management.

We can offer you scrupulous and considerate management services in purchasing real estate and in operating lease management. Contact us to find more on how we can find tenants and provide property management services.
As we will assign you a real estate expert with proficiency in English or Chinese, you can put your trust in us with confidence.
If you are considering an investment in Japanese real estate, please use the services of Sumitomo Real Estate Sales.

Purchasing real estate
for investment

Even if you are a newcomer to purchasing real estate in Japan, you will be able to carry out your transaction in confidence.

Finding tenants

On behalf of the owners, we negotiate and find the tenants by using abundant information from our 26 leasing offices in Tokyo.


In addition to all necessary communications and looking after payments, we also arrange for contract renewals or cancellations to suit the owner's needs.

Selling real estate
for investment

Our expert staffs with proven sales record will analyze property transaction market and advertise by using various approaches to find potential buyers at optimum timing.

Feel free to ask us anything about buying or investing in real estate in Japan.
  • TEL.+81-3-5488-8061 (English)
  • TEL.+81-3-5488-8062 (Chinese)

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Establishment of lease contract and flow of services

Establishment of lease contract and flow of services

* Conditions must be met in order to establish a bank account. Please contact us for details.


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