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Real Estate Selling

Top Class Selling Power
Sumitomo Real Estate Sales
Number of direct brokerage/Number of directly managed stores

Top Class Selling Power

We will assist you in selling apartments and buildings in Japan.

Our staff, who have acquired a proven record and a considerable amount of experience in handling a great number of properties, will support you.

Sumitomo Real Estate Sales helps you to purchase real estate in Japan and supports subsequent leasing and management until you sell it.
As our specialist staff are fluent in English, Chinese and Korean feel free to make any requests and inquiries with peace of mind.

  • Abundant handling number
    Abundant handling number

    As the top class company across Japan for real estate, we have abundant experiences trading brokage transactions with securing reliable deals.

  • Directly managed network
    Top class number of stores

    With our top class directly operated stores spreading nationwide.

  • We utilized a variety of media
    We utilized a variety of media
    Ad network

    In addition to leaflets and newspaper folding advertisements, we will conduct a wide range of property advertisements, such as posting on our fulfilling company site and various affiliated sites.


Free Assessment
Consultation on Sale of Real Estate

Sumitomo Real Estate Sales is top class of directly managed brokers nationwide.
Top class selling power for directly operated stores.
English, Chinese and Korean proficient staff will be happy to correspond, so please leave it at ease!
Please do not hesitate to consult us for free assessment.

Free Assessment

The appraised value of the most interesting property.
With easy input, we will give approximate price considering the past agreement data etc.

Consultation on real estate sale

Those who are worried about early sale, what you want to know in detail, points on selling, etc., please contact us.


Flow of sale
of real estate

  • Step 1

    Consider selling

    You can investigate how many buyers there are to sell their homes.

  • Step 2

    Examine the cost of selling

    The sale of the house also incurs costs expenses.

  • Step 3

    Have the assessment done

    We estimate how much the house can be sold and calculate it.

  • Step 4

    Request for sale

    Sales agency contract.

  • Step 5

    About selling activity

    We will conduct a wide range of advertising activities from internet to flyer posting. A sales representative who is familiar with your area will assist you.

  • Step 6

    Make a contract to sell

    Once the sale is decided, we will sign a real estate agreement.

  • Step 7

    Erasure of mortgage

    We assist to apply for the procedure of mortgage erasing and so on.



Property valuation

  • How do you calculate the property valuation price?
    We calculate an appropriate value as the market price by multilaterally assessing it based on transaction records in the neighborhood, publicly assessed prices and property characteristics.
  • Do I have to sell my property if I ask for a property valuation?
    It is up to you whether you will sell your property. Use the valuation result only as a reference.

Brokerage agreement

  • What should I do if I’ve decided to ask your company to sell my property?
    We can begin activities to sell your property when you sign a brokerage agreement.
  • I’ve heard that there are different types of brokerage agreements to conclude when requesting a sale. How are they different? How long is the term of each contract?
    1. Exclusive Brokerage Agreement
    You can only appoint Sumitomo Real Estate Sales as a broker for the sale of the subject property, even if you have found a buyer by yourself. Under this agreement, we are obliged to register the subject property for sale on REINS (Real Estate Information Network System) within five business days upon receiving the agreement and report the sales actives to you in writing at least once a week.

    2. Semi-Exclusive Brokerage Agreement
    You can only appoint Sumitomo Real Estate Sales as a broker for the sale of the subject property, but you are free to find a buyer by yourself and make an agreement with the buyer directly.
    Under this agreement, we are obliged to register the subject property for sale in REINS (Real Estate Information Network System) within seven business days upon receiving the agreement and report the sales actives to you at least once a week.

    3. General Brokerage Agreement
    You can appoint any company other than Sumitomo Real Estate Sales to act as a broker for the sale of the subject property. You can also find a buyer by yourself and directly make agreements together.

    * Three months is the maximum period of all the agreements in 1 through 3 above, under the Real Estate Brokerage Act. The agreement can be renewed upon consultation.
  • I don’t live in Japan. Can I ask your company to sell my property (enter into the brokerage agreement)?
    Yes, you can. We may need to confirm your identification by post or phone to carry out the necessary procedures.
  • I have already entered into a brokerage agreement with you. Can I terminate the agreement if I want to stop selling my property? Do I still need to pay the brokerage fee?
    Yes, you can terminate the agreement if you have decided not to sell your property. You only have to pay the brokerage fee if the sale has been finalized, and you don’t have to pay it only with the conclusion of the brokerage agreement.

Sales activities

  • If I have actually requested a sale, what sales and advertising activities will you conduct?
    We have more than 205 directly managed offices nationwide and will immediately share the property information through our intranet system.
    We will also release all of the information in flyers, newspaper inserts, housing magazines and our own website, as well as other internet media, including the nationwide Real Estate Information Network Systems (REINS), which is accessible to all licensed brokers.
    Open houses are also held regularly, if necessary, to promote the early sale.
  • What fees and expenses should I pay to sell my property?
    "At the time of signing the sales agreement
    Fees and expenses
    Typical fees and expenses are as follows.
    1. Brokerage fee ( including the consumption tax )
    (Half payable on signing, half payable on settlement)
    2. Cost for removing mortgage, if any on the property
    If a mortgage for the housing loan is placed on the property, we will cancel its registration.
    Because other fees may be required depending on the property, ask your agent for more details.
  • What should I prepare when I sell my property?
    Property documents
    ・Registration certificate or information for registration identification (Title deed)
    ・Latest tax notice of fixed asset tax and city planning tax
    ・Building or room layout, land survey map of the property
    ・Contract and related documents when you bought the property (if any)

    For property under lease
    ・Leasing contract with tenant and tenant information
    ・Leasing management contract with management company

    Proof of identification
    ・Public documents to demonstrate your address (such as ID card)
    ・Address and signature certificate/affidavits (Name, home address and signature must be included)
    *If it is a case of co-ownership, all the above documents are required from all owners.

    If you are still paying your mortgage
    ・Repayment schedule issued by bank


  • How do you measure the room size?
    "In Japan, we generally describe detached houses and apartments using abbreviations, such as 1 LDK and 2LDK.
    This means the property has one or two bedrooms with a living room, dining room and kitchen in one unit. Bathrooms are generally separate from the toilet in recent buildings. Usually, there is no attached bathroom with toilet in the master bedroom, and the whole unit mostly has one bathroom and one toilet.
    We generally use two measuring systems to describe the room size in Japan: square meters (metric system) and tsubo (conventional measuring standard of size based on the size of tatami mat).

About discount benefits

Sumitomo Real Estate sells condominiums for sale at Sumitomo Real Estate Sales and when you close,
you will get a 10% discount from the default brokerage fee.

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Real estate in Japan makes stable and highly attractive investment.
If you're interested in buying or investing in real estate as assets, please come and talk to us.

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Japanese real estate consulting service for international customers

Sumitomo Real Estate Sales
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Inquiries within Japan
Toll free :0120-965-154
Toll free :0120-965-154


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